Abandoned Places

We, humans, usually have a big sense of curiosity. We can’t help feeling curious when we walk by an abandoned building, or a big, strange palace and wonder what’s inside. We ask ourselves about its story, about the families that inhabited it, and if there’s ghosts inside. Luckily for us, this world is full of mysterious places that makes us wanna grab a flashlight and a camera to explore. But if you’re too scary to do that, just stay at home looking at these 50 creepy and abandoned places that we gathered for you. These places are so incredible that you will want to visit them ASP.



Eastern State was one of the first modern prisons in the United States. It served from 1821 to 1979 and held prisoners some infamous people like Al Capone and Willie Sutton. It is now a National Landmark and we think that the home of several ghost waiting to tell their story.



Chateau Miranda was built in Belgium to hide french aristocrats during the revolution. It then became an orphanage, and since 1980 it’s abandoned. The owners refuse to let the government take care of the place and because of it’s past is often visited by some ghost hunters.