Awesome Weird Photos You Will Love If You Are Into History.

Documentary photography has been used during the past century to chronicle important events. Thanks to the work of thousands of photographers- both professional and amateur- that were in the right place at the right time, we can now see and imagine what it was like many years ago. Have you ever stopped to think how much different our understanding of the world would be if we didn’t have photographs of some of the most important, relevant and significant moments in the history of mankind!If you love History, then you will be fascinated by these photographs. Some are extremely rare, others are widely known. Others you won’t believe you haven’t seen before today. If you want to learn more about the events that shaped the twentieth century and the world as we know it today, here are 50 great moments to revisit through awesome images.

John F. Kennedy Jr. Taking A Ride In The Presidential Helicopter (1963)


This little boy was John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. He was one of the children of United States President John F. Kennedy with his wife Jacqueline. In this picture, you can see him pretending to ride the presidential helicopter the same year his father died. JFK Jr. passed away in 1999.