Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of Famous Miniature Movie Sets.

Movie magic has been captivating crowds over the decades and, of course, it has been a substantial part of our lives. Thousands of different worlds were on display in the big screen. Art Directors, Cinematographers, Carpenters, Set Designers, all working together to create a fantastic experience. Imagination has no limits.

For most of us who grew up going to the movies, seeing how those amazing sets actually looked behind the scenes is a bit of a let down, but still, something quite interesting to see.We invite you to go through this gallery and enjoy it. Some of the things we are showing here are mindblowing.

The Nostromo – Alien


Do you remember how amazing was to see that giant spaceship, property of Weyland Yutani Corporation? I still remember Sigourney Weaver running around that place escaping from the, then, unknown Alien.