Celebrities That Seem To Travel In Time.

Heritage is a main quality in all of us: sometimes we look a lot like old relatives that we haven’t even met. In this case, we found some celebrities that seem related to people they couldn’t have possibly met because some of them lived hundreds of years ago in different continents. Is there a chance we are standing on some afterlife resurrection madness or are these just very weird coincidences? You make the call on this one, but enjoy all of these resemblances and take a look at your favorite celebrities like you have never seen them before. Let’s start:

Jimmy Fallon


Hostman and funny SNL man Jimmy Fallon looks a lot like the turkish revolutionis Mahir Cayan. Think about it, mentally shave the moustache, change the hair style…and it’s there, now you see it.

Matthew McConaughey


Whoa, whoa, whoa! Either actor Matthew McConaughey made an awesome photoshoot posing as an early 1900’s man or this is absolutely insane. Are they in any way related to each other?