Great Selfies From The Time Selfies Didn´t Even Exist.

You might think that something is brand new until you dig up a little bit in its history, only to find out that there was a track that led to it. Something like that happens, for instance, with selfies: the word, even included in dictionaries just a couple of years ago, is a new term but it designates the idea to have your own picture taken – a use far more common than we would have imagined. Let´s take a look of a few examples that show that in this case there is no limit – not even a technical one as we might imagine- when creativity happens. We invented nothing: look at the selfies before selfies were invented

Frank Sinatra, 1930


An almost teenager Frank Sinatra doing a most teenager thing: taking a picture of himself looking good and goofing in front of the bathroom mirror… only about 80 years ago.