Before And After Pictures That Show How History Can Change Everything.

History is a complicated thing. The passing of time both gives us and takes from us things we would never imagine. New things are discovered and invented and that means a complete shift in everything we know. And just like that, places that were once the brightest jewels in the world are reduced to ashes, their importance displaced and replaced by the changing of times And perhaps one of the biggest culprits is the industrial revolution. This revolution split history in two, the technological advances speeding everything up. It also gave us a better way of keeping track of the evolutions. And of course, the tragedy is another reason why such changes happen. Wars are one of the main reason of destruction, especially in Europe. Here are fifty photographs that are perfect examples of how modernizations impact our lifestyles and the places where we live in. 

Martin Luther Statue, Germany  

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After World War Two Europe was, to put it plain a simple, a mess. The rebuilding took decades to finish, and even then some things were never the same.

Quai des Nations, France 

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In 1900, Paris hosted the World Fair. And different Nations such as Belgium, Spain, and Monaco financed the construction of those buildings that were demolished shortly after.