Pictures That Will Turn Your Knowledge Upside Down

How much of your knowledge do you think is granted? You cannot know the exact answer. Donald Rumsfeld would call this the “unknown unknown”. You just do not know what you do not know. This can be even more confusing if you think that you know something precisely. Are you already addled? Well, that’s life. There are surprises around every corner. Sometimes they are hiding under the surface and sometimes in samples which we just do not realise. But the good news is that usually it is not a matter of life and death.

So, how many of the following things did you already know and how many did you think you knew?

The Huge Heads On The Easter Island

A few years ago scientists found out the the huge heads, called Moai (meaning: stonelike figure), do have bodies! They were just hidden below ground and are more than four times bigger then the heads. 


Being part of the UNESCO world cultural heritage the statues were examined after researchers and archaeologists went upcountry and found Moais with head and body. These completed figures were found on huge flagstones in old temples and workshops on the island. Till this day 887 Moais were counted on the easter island. The oldest on was probably built 680 AD and the youngest 1000 years later.

The Mystery Of British Coins

Did you know that the new british coins are a puzzle? A few years ago the former Chancellor of the Exchequer and present Prime Minister Gordon Brown decided that the time had come to pimp up the front side of the british coins and started a competition. The winner was the 26 year old designer Matthew Dent from Wales.


If you now put a one penny, two pence, five pence, ten pence, twenty pence and fifty pence side by side you will see the emblem of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The one pound coin shows the whole emblem.

Old-Fashioned Can Be Very Useful

A very annoying incidence: an empty car battery. This can happen to all of us everytime and everywhere and the first problem which has to be solved even before you can think of how you can start your car now is how to open it? 


Thank God that almost every car has a hidden lock for a normal old-fashioned key. Normally the actual key is integrated in the wireless key of the car. The suitable lock for the key is mostly concealed behind a litte cap on the handgrip and can be opened easily.

The Phenomenon How Dogs Drink

Scientists found out that it is higher physics how dogs drink. They dip their tongue like a cup into the water and put it out very quickly. With this technique the liquid adheres on the tongue and a little water depth is generated. 


As soon as this water depth appears the dog kind of bites it of the water surface. This is only possible because the tongue acts in a high speed. The fact that the tongue is shaped like a cup is also the reason why there is always a mess around the bowl because the water in this “cup” splatters out of the mouth.

Sir Nils Olav

Nils Olav III. is a male king penguin who lives in the Edinburgh Zoo in Scottland. But he is not a normal penguin. He is the mascot of the Royal Guard of Norway and a also brigadier! And last but not least he was knighted by king Harald V. 


Although it sounds weird it is not the first time. Since 1970 the Norwegian Guard has a special bond to the penguins of Edinburgh. In that year the first penguin, also named Nils Olav, was received into the regiment. After he died in 1987 Nils Olav II. followed. And now since 2008 Sir Nils Olav III. is the new mascot.

The Swimming Chicken

It is a fact that chicken can swim just as ducks. The only problem is that the chicken do not know that! That is why it is dangerous to let them into the water. They start to panic and flap their wings. These soak the water, get very heavy and the chicken starts to sink.


This happens because the feathering of chicken is a bit different compared to the one ducks have. The feathering of a duck protects it against the cold temperature of the water and at the same time it does not let ingress the water.

A Different Way To Eat Cupcakes

There are many ways to eat cupcakes. The most familiar technique is probably the sandwich style. If you do not know it by this name maybe you know the gentlemen-style or hamburger-style. They are the same method. But be careful! You should not try it with a stuffed cupcake.


Take the cupcake and turn the bottom and the top of it in the opposite direction until you have two pieces of the cake. By the way it is easier to cut it with a knife. Now put the bottom part on top of the cream and press it together. Voilà, a cupcake sandwich!

None Of The Game Of Thrones Characters Are Safe

Do you have the feeling that there are a lot of dead characters in GoT? Well already in the first five seasons are 704 dead persons. Not only villains or minor characters, also main characters had to die. But the question is why are so many dying?


Because G.R.R. Martin loves to shock reader and spectator. He was inspired by Stan Lee, the creator of Marvel Comics. Martins favorite comic is the one with Wonderman. A person who pretends to be a hero and joins the Avengers but actually he is a villain. In the end he sacrifices himself to safe the Avengers.

A Coaster To Go

Starbuck created a new highlight. The bottom of the plastic cups that are sold at Starbucks fit perfectly into the lids of the mugs. Now you do not only have a hot drink to go but also a coaster to go to protect your furniture.


It does not merely prevent that splashes and drops ruin your table. Also watermark rings from your iced coffee or tea won’t stand a chance against the coaster. Just try it!

That Was True Medicine

Did you know that todays cough mixture is much less intense than the actual syrup? Today this medicine is mostly without alcohol and any tranquilizer. It is even appropriate for diabetics. Another alternative version of todays cough mixtures are homoeopathic medicines which have been proved and tested for years.


Over 100 years ago the cough syrup was a ripsnorter. Not only alcohol was part of the medicine. It had much more powerful ingredients for example cannabis, chloroform and morphia sulph. It is no wonder that the people at that time did not have a problem to fall asleep.

How Keys And Locks Work

One of the most important things and probably the most underestimated one is a key. But did you ever think about how a key works? There are so many different kind of keys and locks that we cannot explain them all. We want to talk about a tumbler lock.


Several pairs of pins are pushed into the core with elastic force. Now the core is blocked and the lock is closed. If you want to open it you have to put a key in it. The right key presses all pairs of pins align with the edge of the plug and you can now rotate the key.

The Pyramids Of Giza

If you dream about the Great Pyramids of Giza you probably imagine a wonderful and idyllic place in the middle of nowhere. Maybe with a little oasis near this wonder of the world and a passing caravan. But the reality is not even close to this imagination.



International tourism, the building of a metropolis and an increasing population destroyed the natural environment around the Pyramids of Giza. The Egyptians have to offer a lot more than only a bunch of stones built-on to a pyramid. The present tourists ask for more entertainment which can only offer a major city.

A Sham

A product that is advertised with double goods is always a sham because it never contains the double goods in its full size. A good example is the famous chocolate bar Snickers. If you buy one of it then it is a lot bigger than the package with two in it.


These two bars together may be bigger than the separate one but one of the two is not as big as the usual Snickers bar. It is understandable that they do not put in two bars with the regular size because almost no one would buy the separate one then. But actually this is consumer deception.

Stones For A Sidewalk

It looks like a sidewalk is built with thousands of separate stones. But this is only an illusion. At least sometimes. When a new sidewalk is built the part which shall be concreted is marked. Now a special trick is used to make the sidewalk look like a path made of many separate stones.


Construction workers use metallic frames that are shaped like bricks. They put the little frames together to one big frame and stamp it into the wet concrete. After it dried the whole sidewalk looks like it is made of many separate bricks.

A Box From A Fast Food Restaurant

Go to a fast food restaurant or a take away and you will get your food in a big cardboard. But did you ever try to dismantle the carton? It is amazing because it is not only a carton but a paper plate which can be thrown away after eating.


Especially Asians love these technique because it is a fast, easy and clean version to eat their meal. This is very important because most of the consumers do not have the time to take care of dishes. Particularly in the Asiatic region where time is money in the literal sense.

The Best Method To Let Your Beard Grow

Did you ever envy someone for his beard? According to several studies there is an easy and delightful way to let the own beard grow more. The very idea of sex stimulates the growth of hair. The reason for this procedure is a hormone called testosterone, the sex hormone.


Not only the thought of sex or sex itself can help your beard grow. According to a study of the Cambridge University nervousness, fear, stress, alcohol and common shaving provoke the hair and let it grow. On the contrary enourmos heat and labour block the hormone balance. The result is that the beard does not grow anymore.

How Much Chocolate Can You Eat

Well that is a good question and you will probably answer “A lot!” but you should be careful. If you eat more than 11 kilos in a very short period you can have an overdose. You can blame the agent theobromine for this. 


Theobromine is a powerful stimulant of the central nervous system. If you overdosed chocolate the theobromine causes heart failure, seizures, acute kidney damage and dehydration. It has the same effect on cats, dogs or other animals only that they cannot eat this amount of chocolate before they would collaps and probably die.

This One Is A Really Scary Fact

That the human skin is the biggest organ of the body is a fact that most people already know. But there are still so many things about it that we do not know and cannot explain for example goose bumps. Everyone has a horripilation once in a while. But also dead people can have it!


This creapy reaction can be explained very easily. When someone is dying not only reflexes still work for a few hours. The body also loses humour and the skin tightens. As soon as the whole body fluid is gone the goose bump disappears.

How Long Is Honey Non-Perishable

During archeological excavations scientists found honey as a grave good. It was reported that this honey was still eatable. Although there is no proof that one of the scientists tried it the honey did not show any sign that it was ruined. 


Generally honey can spoil. If you want to prevent it you have to keep it dry, dark and cool. Honey is very photosensitive. When you do not keep it dark antibacterial ingredients will be destroyed. Until this happens months or even years have to pass by. Honey is also hygroscopic which means it extracts wetness from the air. This method is used to make the delicious mead.

Can Mosquitos Make You Anaemic

A mosquito stitch can be very annoying. The insect does not only suck blood but also inserts its saliva. Firstly the saliva stuns the skin so we do not realise the stitch before the mosquito is gone and secondly it keeps the blood running. But besides the danger of diseases there is an interesting question. 


Can the mosquito suck enough blood so that the person who is attacked by the insect can become anaemic? This is as good as impossible because it would take more than one million mosquito stitches in a short period.

The Power”Ball” In Detergents

A quite misleading advertising is the statement that detergents have a special powerball because this “ball” is just one half of an actual ball. Although there is probably no difference according to the effect the powerball should have it is still irritating why the producers did not tell the truth about their product.


We will never find out the truth and can only speculate. Maybe it is easier to advertise the product or a real ball would not resolve as easily as a half one or maybe it was just not enough powder left to finish the powerball.

The Wonderful World Of Towels

A stack of towels in a store always looks clean and tidy like in a five-star-hotel. But it is not what it seems to be. Finally it is exposed how they make these wonderful stacks of towels. They use a foam mold to keep the displays look this perfect.


If you think about it there are many reasons why this method is better than building real stacks of towels. Firstly, if they are build this high they would probably fall down and secondly, all the towels that are in the shelves would get dusty and unsightly and nobody would buy them anymore.

Why Are Pizza Boxes Angular

Did you ever spent a thought on why pizza packages are angular and not round like the pizza? Because you should use the carton like a bib. Put the pizza box on your lap. Now open the box and put the cover on your breast like a bib.


This is an easy way to protect your clothes from grease spots and leftovers. If the pizza package would be round there would always be a risk that the dirt would fall next to it right on your outfit.

Spongebob And The Krusty Krab

“Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?” Almost everybody knows this song and the inhabitants of Bikini Bottom. But not only Spongebob is a famous character in this children’s series. Also the mercenary crab Mr. Krabs is very popular among Spongebob fans. 


He is the owner of a snack bar under the sea. Although it is a bit macabre but the popular Krusty Krab restaurant is not made of a treasure chest. It is actually made out of a lobster trap! The only difference is that the Krusty Krab has a door. 

The Plastic Protection On Earrings

When you buy a pair of earrings there is always a transparent plastic protection around the closure. But this plastic part can be taken off the earring. This is only useful if the earrings are small and do not weigh a lot.


Because the plastic protection should not protect the earring but your ear. If you wear heavy and big ones they could sag and stretch your ear hole until they are as big as a little perl. Put the plastic protection around the closures and they will neutralize the weight of them.

Who Is A Real Lou Bega Fan

The famous german Mambo musician Lou Bega had a little secret. His real name is David Lubega and the biggest hit he had was the great song “Mambo No. 5” in 1999. Why he changed the name is not officially declared.


His father (he was Ugandan) came to Germany in 1972 and David stayed with his mother (she was Italian) in Italy for the first six years of his life. Then they moved to Germany, too and he went to school there. On a trip to Miami when he was a teenager he got the inspiration for his hit.

What Are Cotton Swabs For

Sure, you should clean your ears with a cotton swab until there is no dirt left. Wrong! You should only clean your auricle with it and you shall never insert it into the ear canal. This is also marked on the package and should be followed. 


Earwax is very important for your body. It is a mixture of water-soluble secretions and the most ingenious protective mechanisms we have. It protects your ear from dust, bacteria and other germs that could be dangerous for you. If you have a healthy ear you really do not need a cotton swab to clean it. The earwax itself does this for you.

A Proper Window Display

Would you go in a store with a horrible window display? Probably not. This is why they use tricks to catch your eye and your attention. The most common one is a carton that helps to shape jeans in an aesthetic way and makes it look tidy.


To make it look that way one jeans is pulled around a carton. But it is not a normal carton. Several recesses are carved in the cardboard so that this separate jeans look like a bunch of trousers that are properly folded up.

How Fast Is Venus

It is a fact that a day on Venus lasts longer than a year on Venus. How can this be? Because Venus turns so slowly that it takes 243 days (earthdays) to spin around its own axis. But it takes only 225 days to make one complete orbit around the sun.


A day is defined as the time of rotation it takes for a planet to spin around its own axis and a year is defined as the time it takes for this planet to get around the sun. Every planet has its own time for this and only the earth has 365 days in one year.

A Place For Tank Caps

You go to the gas station, open your gas tank and now what? Where shall you put the cap? If you did not know it before then you will be happy to hear the solution for this question. 


There is a little knob on the gas tank cover which shall hold your tank cap while you fill up the tank. If your car does not have such a knob anymore then you still have the possibility to buy a spare part on the internet or you can ask the staff of a garage to order the right one for you.

Turtles Are Slow? No way!

Of course there are a few breeds of turtles that are very slow. The slowest one is the gopher tortoise. It can only run 0.21 – 0.48 kilometers per hour according to National Geographic. But there are also real athletes among all the different races.


If a turtle feels threatend and has to run away it can develop undreamed-of powers. In the following video you can see it with your own eyes how fast these little creatures can be if they want to.