Photos That May Prove Time Travel Is Real

Victor Goddard Seeing Into The Future

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Victor’s time travel experience is a bit creepy. He was a well-respected military pilot who was out flying off an abandoned military runway. When he flew back to the airport he noticed several people in yellow and blue clothing working on airplanes in the runways.

It shocked him so much that he decided not to land there because he thought it must have got the runway. It turns out the the British Royal air force actually had mechanics wearing red and blue working on the planes in the same spot but not until several years later!

The Mini Chinese Watch

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Take a look at the image and you will see a teeny tiny watch which is carved out of stone. The mini watch was actually found in a tomb, and is believed to be around 4000 years old. You can even make out the time on the watch – 10:05.

It’s certainly a strange artifact to find from the Ming Dynasty. Archeologists were left baffled and no suggestions as to what it is or exactly what it means have been made yet. Some people put this photo down to photoshop, while others insist that it is the real.