Photos That May Prove Time Travel Is Real

The Time Traveller’s Phone

So way back in Charlie Chaplin’s time (when he was filming) there was a video which caught an individual apparently nattering away on a mobile phone. The video does clearly show the person talking into some sort of device (which shouldn’t have been invented during that era).

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Some scientists claim that they must have got hold of some sort of hearing aid gadget, although others say why would they be talking into it when there is no one around? Watch the video and make your own decisions on this one!

Back To The Future

This story is quite a stretch of the imagination. A man from Sweden believes that he accidentally time travelled to the future after fixing the kitchen sink (seriously). He believed that a wormhole opened up which allowed him to hang with his future self.

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His future self was 80 and chilling on a beach. Luckily, he had his phone on him so he recorded the strange meeting before he came back through the wormhole to his normal reality. The older man actually had exactly the same tattoo, so it was a bit freaky! Take a look at the video online and see for yourself.