50 Terrible Advice for Parents that your grandma thought were true

All the liver you can eat


If you were pregnant in the 1970s basically all you had to eat was liver because it was so full of iron and iron is so great. In reality, is not necessary and, let’s face it, liver is disgusting.

Don’t breastfeed while angry


So many rules for breastfeeding in this list! Apparently, if you were breastfeeding and angry about something this would disturb the baby and throw him into convulsions. This was a real advice from the 1916 book: “The mother and his child”.

Don’t let your kid play the flute


Wind instruments were believed to be bad for kids health according to a book from the late 19th century. It would force the lungs and windpipes, so if the little kid liked music, better teach him how to sing.