Vintage Photos Of Your Favorite Celebrities Of All Times Having Fun Off Camera.

Celebrities, politicians, artists, athletes, writers and famous people in general have two different lives. One of them is the most known, the one that is in front of the camera and we all see everyday. But there’s another part that we probably don’t see. When working on a movie, you have to spend several weeks with the same crew and the same actors, so you have to make some time for fun. And even if you are not working on a movie, you still need to have some fun. These are 50 photos of your favorite celebrities doing things you’ve never seen them do. Take a look and discover some uncommon photos of your favorite famous people, whether they are vintage or current. When the camera is off your favorite celebrities have fun like we all do.


Princess Diana, or Lady Di, was a very sporty woman. He used to play tennis, swim, dance and jog around the streets of London, without security and saying hello to everybody.