What these child stars look like today

Do you think you that stars and celebrities always revel on the wave of success? Stars that sometimes lead a busy life with many ups and downs, we show you many examples. According to the motto – Pride comes before a fall – the one or other star has so to tell his life story, which resembles a roller coaster ride. Show stage or drug withdrawal? Oscar nomination or alcohol abuse? What happens to child stars when they grow up? the road to success in the steep path up continues to the top? Like the stars have visually changed?

The mere pictures speak a language all their own. Life changes – especially with stars that are in the public eye. What happened to the sweet fairy of yore? What became of the child star who is now escaped the flashbulbs? Look at, we cool examples that not every change is crowned with glory, right?

Smarter boy as a child star: Erik Per Sullivan

fire rank

At the age of ten years Erik got the role of “Dewey,” he starred in the series “Malcolm in the Middle” six years alongside Frankie Muniz whose smart, little brother. The golden days ago Erik …